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What's going on?

Due to the new reCaptcha ("I'm not a robot") policy in Flica, Crewline can't download Open-time for flight attendants. We are aware of this, and we are monitoring our systems. We know many of you love Crewline because of the ease of use with Open-time. 

But, what does this mean going forward for Crewline?

Open-time access is an extremely popular feature of Crewline. Without Crewline, you have to log in with your browser, zoom in on the TINY screen, search tediously through the small print to see what schedule changes you can make. There is no mobile version of the website and they do not provide a mobile application. It’s a pain, we know. We created an interface that made it very easy to make schedule changes. We are proud of this innovation, and we love to hear how much you all love it too.


NK is faced with a new policy on Flica. As most of you might have noticed, logging into may prompt you to confirm “I’m not a robot”. Surely, using Crewline has not turned you into a robot, but this throws a wrench in our system. We have disabled the Open-time feature for flight attendants in the meantime while we are hard at work trying to get it back to normal.


Keep in mind, downloading your schedule and the other great features of Crewline are up and running as of June 29.


As crew-members ourselves, we understand how important it is to have the best available tools to do our jobs. With this in mind, we will always try our best to bring features that will benefit every one of us. We will continue to innovate and improve Crewline for you.


We appreciate all of you.


In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to email us here:


Thank you for your support & patience.

Jhoan Arango

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