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To our users,

        We’re aware there have been some concerns about how Crewline handles Opentime and Tradeboard submissions.  Due to the simplicity of Crewline, it may seem as though it would give an advantage to those utilizing the app. However, the app handles the submission process the same as the web browser. In fact, Crewline is simply an intermediary between the user and the web browser. When updating, whether it is to refresh your schedule or Opentime submissions, the app must log-in with the user-provided credentials of the account. Once a user completes an action in Crewline (such as schedule refresh or trip submission), the session expires until the next time the user refreshes their schedule or submits Opentime requests, thus repeating the log-in & session expiration process.


        Automation and background processing are not implemented into Crewline, meaning the user must ALWAYS interact with the app in order to adjust or update their schedule... Simply put: Crewline is NOT a bot.  


        Our goal when designing Crewline, was to create a product that would make our jobs easier. Pertinent information is displayed in a simple and organized manner, giving us more time to focus on what matters most. We want to thank you for your support, after-all, YOU, the user, is what matters most to us.

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