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Your daily schedule + Opentime.
key features

Your Calendar

A. F4444*: If you see a pairing in this color with an *, it means you can tap it to reveal multiple codes for one day.

B. Weather: Tap the weather icon to reveal the weather for the layover city.

C. Your pairings: Tap anywhere in this area to open a pairing.

D. Opentime/Tradeboard trips: The green # represents the amount of trips available to pick up starting on that date. Tap the number to bring you to the Opentime screen to add/swap. (Ex: 9 open trips on OT/TB for the 17th) Also, Blue dots = pending trip & Yellow dots = Saved trips.

E. Date/Calendars: You can sync your personal calendars with Crewline’s calendar. Colored dots indicate an event you have on your personal calendar. To first activate this, tap any date on the left to allow. To change calendar visibility, go to your Crewline Settings > Calendar Settings > Calendars.



A. Saved Trips: Once you’ve saved a trip (see “G” below), you can view your saved trips here. Great for looking/submitting trips later on.

B. My Requests: Tap here to view your Opentime requests list. You can also cancel the OT requests from here.

C. Filters: Adjust your filters depending on your preferences. (Numbers will change on the calendar when you change these filters)

D. Available trip: See the totals at a glance, including trip Report, Block, Credit & Worth. Trips are liste by length and report time automatically. Tap any trip to view more information.

E. Tradeboard trips: The orange “TB” icon indicates a TB trip.

F. Swap/Add: Swipe left on any pairing to reveal options. Tapping the buttons will prompt you to confirm your action.

G. Dislike/Save Trip: Swipe right on any pairing to reveal options.
Save trip: Tap to add to “Saved Trips” (See “A” above).
Dislike trip: Already looked and don’t like it? Mark it with a red dislike.

H. Add trip (orange): Indicates an Add from Tradeboard.

I. Trip Worth: Your trips & Opentime/Tradeboard trips will display worth. Trip worth is based on per diem & hourly wage ONLY. To add your current rates: Crewline Settings > Tap your profile at the top > Add your hourly rate & per diem.


Inside a pairing

A. Drop: Tap “Drop” to drop your pairing into the Tradeboard and/or Opentime.

B. Trip Totals: Tap here to view Trip Totals (Block, Credit, Time Away From Base & Worth)

C. Day Totals: Tap here to view current Day Totals (Block, Credit, & Duty Time)

D. KCM: Will show how many KCM locations are open for the report airport. Tap the expand and view a map of KCM and hours of operation.

E. Scheduled legs: When working, tap anywhere on leg to display more information about flight status.
1. Colored dots: Green = On-time, Yellow = Delayed, & Red = Canceled
2. Flight #, Deadhead icon, Departure city/time, Block time, Arrival city/time, change aircraft indicator/ground time

F. Turn phone: Turn your phone on any day within pairing to display Entire Pairing screen.

G. Other Crew/Green arrow: Tap the green arrow to expand the legs to display other crew working that are not on your particular pairing.

H. Crew profiles: Tap any Crewmember to view their profile/contact info.

I. Hotel details: Tap the hotel name to call/view/rate the hotel.

Pricing Tiers

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What Crewmembers are saying...

"I use Crewline every single day, multiple times a day for show times, my flight, gate, and crew information... and even on my days off, I’ll pop on to check open time...dropping and picking up is convenient and fast - and I love that I can view my entire pairing with a flick of the phone. It’s a small thing but my family really loves getting my entire trip in one screenshot!

Our work days can be stressful but having the essential information we need at our fingertips is invaluable. Thanks so much!"  -krrutherford

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