You need more than just a schedule.

We know you want it all, so we're bringing it to you... Prepare for takeoff.

We've put more emphasis on the details in pairing details... 
Extra features that not only appeal to your eye, but to your life.
Making adjustments to your schedule is more convenient.
Become more familiar with your fellow crew members at a glance.

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Note: Android currently only offers $1.99/month plan.

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Crewline has made my life soooo much easier. Being able to get all the info I need in one app like Report time and Gate, to where the plane is coming from has made this app the only one I really need. The “add trip” feature is neat and makes adding a trip to trade board or Open time super fast and easy. Love this app!!


One Stop Shop!! Everything you need in one app! Picking up from open time? - Crewline! Picking up from trade-board? - Crewline! Want to know where your plane is coming from? - Crewline! Need to know what gate to show up at? - Crewline! Literally the only app you will need as a crew member! As if all of this isn’t enough the app has great aesthetic design!


Being new to the airline industry I was extremely nervous especially when it came to learning Flica, but Crewline makes that so easy & comforting when it comes to scheduling...


I love scrolling opentime while in flight saves me so much time in finding trips I want!!!

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